Senator Jim Oberweis has been reappointed to the Senate Republican leadership team as the Illinois General Assembly begins its 101st biennial session.

101stGeneralAssembly2The 25th District Senator has been named Senate Republican Whip by Senate Republican Leader Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) and will work closely with the rest of the Leadership team on guiding legislation and setting policy.

“I look forward to working with Sen. Oberweis on the important issues that will come before the General Assembly in the coming spring session,” Senator Brady said. “He brings to the table his unique perspectives as a leader in business and the financial services industry.”

Senator Oberweis has served in the Illinois Senate since January 2013. He was first appointed as Senate Republican Whip in October 2018.

“My leadership position allows me to promote the interests and of the 25th District as decisions are made about issues such as job creation and lessening the tax burden on working families and businesses,” Senator Oberweis said. “I appreciate Leader Brady’s confidence in me and look forward to adding to the discussion about legislation and policy that reflects the interest of hard-working citizens in Illinois.”

Senator Oberweis’ district office is located at 959 Oak Street, North Aurora, IL 60542 (630-800-1992).