Oberweis: Schools across state fare better under amended education funding reform

Schools across State Sen. Jim Oberweis’ 25th Senate District and throughout the state would receive more funding under Gov. Rauner’s school funding reform plan, according to numbers unveiled July 17.  Rauner says he will issue an amendatory veto of Senate Bill 1, an education funding reform plan passed by Democrats that sends millions of extra dollars to the financially mismanaged Chicago Public Schools at the expense of suburban and downstate students. 

“The numbers are clear, schools across the state do better under Gov. Rauner’s amendatorily vetoed version of Senate Bill 1 than what the Democrats passed in May,” Oberweis said.  “Establishing an equitable and fair education funding system means all students are treated the same and special deals aren’t given to one school district. We have a real opportunity to reform a broken system, but real reform helps all students.”  

For example, the numbers show that under the version of Senate Bill 1 as amendatorily vetoed by the Governor, Yorkville School District 115 would receive an additional $186,000 compared to the Democrats’ version of Senate Bill 1.  Oswego District 308 would see an additional $2.9 million and Batavia District 101 would receive an additional $84,000.

Despite schools across the state faring better under Rauner’s plan, the Governor cannot issue an amendatory veto of Senate Bill 1 right now because Democrats haven’t sent him the legislation yet (their legislation passed May 31).  Oberweis says lawmakers need to act on education funding reform now because the money dedicated to fund schools this upcoming year in the budget cannot be released until an “evidenced-based funding formula” becomes law.

“In typical Springfield fashion, Democrats are playing political football, only this time, they are holding funding for schools and students hostage,” Oberweis said. “I urge the Democrats to release their legislation to Gov. Rauner, let him issue an amendatory veto, and let’s get back to work crafting a true bi-partisan solution to education funding reform so schools can receive their much needed dollars now. If Democrats truly care about students, they need to stop playing these games, give certainty to school districts, and make every student a priority throughout Illinois.”

This webpage shows how much more money each school district will receive after the governor issues his amendatory veto:

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