Oberweis: We remain at negotiating table

Senate Republicans remained at the negotiating table during the week, continuing their work to pass a long-term budget solution with necessary reforms, despite some attempts to short-circuit the talks, according to Senator Jim Oberweis.


“We are continuing our good-faith negotiations, hammering out the necessary details of passing a full-year, balanced budget with commonsense reforms like a property tax freeze, spending reform and caps, and jobs creation,” Senator Oberweis said. “Finishing our work is our best option, as opposed to calling the package before a full agreement is reached.”


Senate President John Cullerton called two legislative measures for a vote on May 10, over the objections of Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno who asked that discussions be allowed to continue toward the goal of reaching a compromise.


“I believe the two bills were good bills and I voted for both. The bills were similar but one would only become effective if the rest of the ‘grand compromise’ bills all passed,” Senator Oberweis said. 


“Our talks are continuing. There are sincere, good faith negotiations underway in the Senate on FY18 budget specifics and reforms critical to Illinois’ economy,” Senator Radogno said. “Time is of the essence, but the devil is always in the details and the minutiae of complicated proposals. We are working through those now in an effort to advance the legislation as soon as possible.”


Throughout the process, Senate Republicans have held firm to their belief that the General Assembly must stop repeating mistakes of the past. The Senate proposals provide new forward-looking ideas and solutions, as opposed to the House Democrats’ stopgap budget based on the same tax-and-spend principles that are the root of Illinois’ fiscal mess.


“The definition of fiscal ‘insanity’ is passing the same types of budgets over and over again and expecting a different result. We need to fix the roadblocks to economic growth that have forced businesses and their jobs out of our state. We need to balance spending with revenues,” Senator Oberweis said. “We need to counteract the House Speaker’s worn-out rhetoric and false premise that we can tax our way out of this fiscal crisis.”

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