Senate Week in Review: March 6-10, 2017

Legislators wasted much of their time in committees during the week as a series of “subject matter only” hearings were held on elements of Governor Bruce Rauner’s budget proposal.

Chicago Cubs bring World Series trophy to Springfield

The Chicago Cubs organization brought its World Series trophy to Springfield March 8 to celebrate the team's 2016 victory.

Negotiations continuing on Senate budget and reform package

Senate lawmakers adjourned March 2, with negotiations continuing on several critical aspects of a Senate budget and reform package—including education funding and workers’ compensation reform and property tax relief.

Separate votes help lawmakers finds more common ground

Working to find more common ground in resolving a two-year budget gridlock, Senate lawmakers took separate votes February 28 on about half of the measures that make up the budget framework .

Senate lawmakers return to Springfield February 28

With state debt rising and Illinois’ bill backlog growing each day, the pressure of operating without a budget continues to build.

Governor asks lawmakers to pass balanced budget and structural reforms

Praising current bipartisan efforts in the Senate, Governor Bruce Rauner asked all lawmakers February 15 to work with him to pass a balanced budget and structural reforms that will revitalize Illinois’ economy and grow jobs.

Governor gives lawmakers budget options

Building on bipartisan efforts in the Senate, Governor Bruce Rauner asked lawmakers February 15 to help pass a balanced budget or give him the authority to balance state spending and revenue, according to Senator Jim Oberweis.

Senate Week in Review: February 6-10, 2017

A bipartisan effort in the Illinois Senate to pass a balanced budget and structural reforms was disrupted during the week when four bills were called for a vote without the entire budget framework being ready.

Report highlights dire situation if budget impasse continues

A week before the Illinois Senate could take up a budget framework proposal, a report highlights the dire situation state government will face with its stack of unpaid bills if the budget impasse continues, while Illinois’ credit rating is downgraded by Fitch.

Work still needed on budget framework

Lawmakers continued to debate and fine-tune a budget framework during the week, gathering input on a package of bills with the goal of setting Illinois on the right fiscal course.

South Elgin student serves as legislative page

Senator Jim Oberweis welcomes Jeremiah Diehl, a student at Kenyon Woods Middle School in South Elgin, to the Senate Chambers in the State Capitol.

Governor optimistic that lawmakers will come together

Governor Bruce Rauner says he remains “deeply optimistic” that lawmakers will come together for the good of Illinois, restoring fiscal responsibility and approving fundamental changes in the way state government works, according to Senator Jim Oberweis.

Oberweis named Spokesperson, appointed to Senate Committees

Senator Jim Oberweis has been asked to continue serving as Republican spokesperson for the Labor Committee for the 100th General Assembly.

Budget work continues; new law protects children from lead in drinking water

Discussions on a budget framework are expected to continue when the General Assembly returns to Springfield January 24, and Governor Bruce Rauner will lay out his vision for Illinois during his third annual State of the State address January 25.

Senate enacts term limits for its leadership

Senate lawmakers took immediate bipartisan action on the first day of the 100th General Assembly to enact term limits for legislative Senate leaders, according to Senator Jim Oberweis.